Pricing and Specs

Note: Prices are subject to change without notice.

McVay Single Bender installed – $1000.00 ( You are responsible for round trip shipping ).
( All International shipping that involves Customs paperwork, etc. is full responsibility of the customer. ) ( All taxes, duties and import fees is customer responsibility and shall be paid by the customer. )
McVay Left Handed Single Bender installed – $200.00 (additional). Discontinued     McVay Neck Inserts installed – $50.00 (additional).

McVay Double Benders are custom made to your preference. B on the strap and G on the lanyard or vice versa. All McVay Double Benders include body and neck inserts and a lanyard strap for your belt loop. They include the strap lock buttons to install on your strap and lanyard strap and you are ready to play.

McVay Double Bender installed – $2000.00 (You are responsible for round trip shipping). Discontinued

We install these units on Tele or Strat Style bodied guitars with fixed bridges. (These can not be installed on guitars with tremelos).

All parts are precision machined from stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. Fine tuning stops and return stops are made of Delrin for quiet operation. We use Oilite bearings and tempered return springs with no visible routing on the guitar body.

Tuning adjustment and stop is recessed and allows complete use of the fingerboard without disturbing the tuning.

It has an adjustable spring tension on the straparm so it is not too loose while hanging on your body and possibly engaging the bender and causing detuning while not in use.

This bender speaks for itself, designed with the player in mind, to give you the utmost tone quality with mechanically solid stay in tune reliability.

In our machine shop we can make parts and install a bender in almost any custom bodied guitar.

McVay Single Benders including Baritone Tele’s are available in right or left hand, short, medium or long throw depending on the string gauges.

Medium throw is standard on all benders unless specified when ordered.

All single benders include a strap lock button to install on your strap and you are ready to play.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY (Void if any part of the McVay Bender installation, especially at the neck heel, is removed or tampered with or installed off site. It is designed not to be put together or taken apart by anyone other than McVay Benders.)

Note: When drilling and routing for bender installment on guitars with finishes, especially lacquer, the finish can sometimes crack or peel up in the area around the drilling or routing. Also, when laying out the holes for drilling the guitar, we use green 233+ masking tape by 3M. This should have no affect on any guitar that has a quality finish. We cannot claim responsibility for any flaws created in any part of the process.

For information on how to place an order visit our contacts page. Feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you in your McVay Bender adventure.