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Here are some comments from our customers:

"Mcvay Benders is the bender of choice."

Brad Paisley www.bradpaisley.com


"McVay benders are the finest bender on the market. It's the only bender I will use in my custom guitars."

Bill Crook Crook Custom Guitars www.crookcustomguitar.com


"I have researched alot of benders and found that the best system out there is McVay's and from the research it sounds as if they are the smoothest and quietest. I'll be able to tell you more soon. Charlie is the only person I trust with my guitar (aside from the luthier) let alone installing a bender for me. Charlie and his family will not only respect you and your gear but they will treat you like you are their very own family! If you are looking for that bent sound out of your guitar... Look no further, you are here and McVay's your man! Thanks again Charlie.

Micah Small Guitarist/Lead Vocalist for Bad River Road


"I couldn't be happier with my McVay bender. The design is perfect. The installation was incredibly clean, and it looks like the guitar was built around the bender. Every time I play it, the notes bend to perfect pitch. It's simple to adjust and use as well. My guitar is still incredibly light, and unless you know what to look for, you can't really see that there is a bender even installed. The quality and performance of the bender stem from the quality of the builder. Charlie McVay stepped me through the process from the point I decided to have a bender installed through the day I received it, and he continued to follow up to make sure everything was working great! Honestly, McVay is the only bender I would use."

Ryan Ochsner Guitarist for Kellie Pickler


"Charlie pays attention to detail on each bender (he's built 2 for me so far). The construction is flawless, the performance is perfect and I have never had better customer service on anything than from Charlie McVay. I won't trust my guitars to anyone else. I've owned them all and the McVay Bender is all I will ever use."

Bryan Elder Guitarist for Nashville recording artist Tami Hall


"I've been playing Bender Guitar since the early 1980's. In that span of time I've owned several Bender equipped guitars. After getting my first McVay bender installed nearly 12 years ago I saw what I'd been missing. McVay Benders are much more precise in their function and have the best tone by far. Simply put I feel they are the finest made. "Pull that String and let it Ring""

Jim Miller/Fabulous Bender Boys/Jamboree USA Staff Guitarist


"I've got a McVay Single and Double Bender and I still think they are the best ones going. Charlie is a great machinist and with building steel guitars in the past, he has a wealth of knowledge of the mechanics and tone as well as being a great steel guitarist. As the staff steel guitar player for the Wheeling Jamboree for twenty years plus, we have done a lot of playing together. I tune my benders once a year whether they need it or not. You can get short, medium or long throw and the pull is smooth as silk and always comes back in tune. I can't imagine a more reliable bender and it has "tone to the bone to boot." It's a real musical tool."

Roger Hoard/Fabulous Bender Boys/Music Director & Lead Guitarist for Jamboree USA