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We are proud to be the makers and installation specialists for the most innovative string bending mechanisms for guitarists. Our string bending systems can be used and are enjoyed by some of the world's best guitar artists, whether they are professionals, hobbyists, sessionists or just out for fun. We have options available for everyone.


What is a string bender?

Simply put it is a mechanism that is generally an after market add-on for guitars (primarily Telecaster style but can be installed on any guitar that does not have a tremelo installed) that puts the well known sound of the whining steel guitar in the hands of today's most innovative guitar players. Brad Paisley's extra-terrestrial style of chickin'/hybrid pickin' is one of many success stories for McVay Benders. Brad has been using our system for years. Next time you hear his music listen for the whine while he plays an instrumental and you'll put two and two together. However two and two with a McVay String Bender... Yeah, the result is much more than four! Brad employs a simple version of our system in which we have installed only a g-bender on his guitars. Browse around and tell us what you think. Want to see something else on the site? Let us know and we'll work on getting it up here for you. We look forward to you input and are ready, willing and able to provide you with as quick a response as possible for any questions and comments.


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