Neck and Bridge Removal




My bender is very user friendly and you can remove the bridge, change the pickups and remove the neck without any problems.


The McVay Strap Arm part of the Bender mechanism is designed NOT to come apart without the Socket Head Allen Cap machine screw’s stripping or breaking when backing them out. This for customer’s trying to take off the McVay Strap Arm and the Bender parts behind the neck plate and are not able to get it back together correctly and want to send it back as a warranty repair. This is not a warranty repair and would void the warranty.


The neck can be removed easily as many times as needed by ONLY removing the 4 NECK screws and the neck plate will remain in place along with the McVay Strap Arm. You can put the neck back on and it will not affect the Bender mechanism in any way and still pull up to pitch and be in tune.


Depending on the style of bridge and B or G bender, you might not have to remove the Bender Saddle assembly. The easiest way to change pickups is to NOT take the Bender Saddle loose or off the bridge if there is no bridge screw underneath the Bender Saddle. It will come off as part of the bridge and is not connected underneath the bridge in any way. If you have to take the Bender Saddle off, please read the Bender Adjustment page before loosening any height and intonation screws of the Bender Saddle, and reverse it, putting it back together.


When you put the bridge back on, the important thing is that the Bender Finger is in front of the Delrin ball located on the pull rod down inside the rout of the body. When you lift the bridge off you will see the Bender Finger has a slot in it like a tuning fork. The slot in the Bender Finger straddles the pull rod in front of the Delrin ball located on the pull rod. The Bender Finger floats freely in front towards the neck side of the Delrin ball. The purpose of the Delrin ball is not to transfer any metal to metal contact sounds thru to the pickup and also work as a bearing surface against the Bender Finger. If you put the Bender Finger behind the Delrin ball the Bender will not work correctly.


There is a Bender Adjustment instruction page on the website that is printable. If you need any help or have questions, please email, call, or text me.

Thank you,

Charlie McVay